When listening to a book from NLS Bard in GuideConnect I hear a bleeping noise every 20-30 seconds

A release of US GuideConnect 1.23 includes an incorrect file causing the bleep during playback with NLS Bard books

If you are experiencing this fault please carry out one of the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Replace just the problematic file:
    - Download the mp3Info.zip from here: https://downloads.yourdolphin.com/downloads/utils/mp3Info.zip
    - Extract the mp3Info.dll from the zip file and copy it to the GuideConnect program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Dolphin\GuideConnect), overwrite the existing file.
    - Now launch GuideConnect and test.
  2. Reinstall the main GuideConnect MSI file: https://downloads.yourdolphin.com/update_1932/GuideConnect/GuideConnect.msi#
  3. Reinstall a GuideConnect 1.23 with the newer installer: https://yourdolphin.com/GuideConnect/Trial