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Creating a magnified screenshot with SuperNova.

This article describes how you can create screenshots that show the magnification and other visual enhancements, if needed by Dolphin Support or to use in your training materials.

To do this:

  1. Open the “SuperNova Control Pane.”
  2. Open the “General” menu
  3. Choose “Keyboard and Hotkeys
  4. Choose “Hotkeys
  5. From the “Action” category, select the item “Screen capture” from the list below.
  6. Choose “Add Key” button.
  7. Choose “Press to use keyboard to define”. Now press your chosen hotkey – we would recommend using the PRNT SCRN key,
  8. Choose "OK".

Now when you press your hotkey chosen, it will take a screenshot that also displays any magnification or visual effects that you have turned on which you can paste into an email or document.