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Current Limitations in SuperNova’s Microsoft Word UIA Support

This article describes some of the current known limitations in SuperNova 20.05 and later’s UI Automation support for Microsoft Word.

With the release of version 20.05, SuperNova now uses UI automation in order to retrieve information from Word’s document area, in place of the previously used Document Object Model support.

There are some current known limitations to this new support which Dolphin is actively working on implementing. These include:

Current Limitations in Word YIA Support

The following areas are still being implemented:

  • Item Finder – is latter’s not currently possible to open lists of links, headings and other items.
  • Table Cell Selection – It is not currently possible for the speech or braille to output text selection within a table cell.
  • Sentence Navigation – Navigation by sentence is not currently supported by UIA.
  • Revisions – Announcements of revisions within documents is still to be implemented.
  • Table Navigation – It isn’t currently possible to use the up, Down, Left and Right table navigation keys (DOLPHNI KEY+ARROW KEYS)
  • Read from Here – Read from Here may have problems scrolling the document if it lands on a non-visible element on the page.
  • Addition Focus Information – Additional focus information for Items is not currently possible.
  • Read from Here – It is not possible to navigate by sentence using Read from Here, this is not currently supported by UIA.

Dolphin is working hard to implement missing features where technically possible.