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Finding lists of SuperNova hotkeys.

This article describes various places you can go to find lists of SuperNova’s hotkey assignments.

There are a number of places to find lists of SuperNova’s hotkeys, both in the product and on the Dolphin website.

On the Dolphin Website

Use the link below to search for a hotkey using the Hotkey Helper site:

SuperNova Hotkey Helper


Use the link below to find a handy page for browsing all the hotkeys in SuperNova:

SuperNova Hotkeys


Download a Quick Reference Guide (QRG).

A Quick Reference Guide is a document that lists the most commonly used hotkeys in SuperNova. It does not list every single hotkey available, but is enough for most users to refer to. You can download a Quick Reference Guide from the Dolphin website by visiting this link. And choosing your SuperNova version and the language you would like          the document to be in.

Download the SuperNova Manual

In addition to documenting how to use all of the features within SuperNova, the manual also contains lists of all of the hotkeys, for both Desktop and Laptop hotkeys sets. You can download the SuperNova manual by visiting this link. And choosing your SuperNova version and the language you would like the document to be in.

Use the Hotkey Helper

SuperNova version 20 and later makes it simple to find and discover hotkeys with the new Hotkey Helper.

Open the Hotkey Helper by pressing LEFT SHIFT + CAPS LOCK + F2 (or press CAPS LOCK + F1 and choose ‘Hotkey Helper’). Once the Hotkey Helper is open, users can type the function they are looking for into the search field to find a list of relevant hotkeys. For example, search for ‘Speech’ to find hotkeys related to speech, or ‘Read’ for the hotkeys related to reading.

The Hotkey Helper can also be used to find all the hotkeys available for a particular application. Simply type the ‘^’ symbol and then type the name of an application into the search field. For example, type ‘^Excel’ and the Hotkey Helper will list all of the hotkeys available for using SuperNova with Microsoft Excel.

Please note – the Hotkey Helper is currently only available in English.