GuideConnect has told me that there is an update available but it is not installing the update

Under certain circumstances GuideConnect 1.23 and 1.24 may not launch the new updater on start up which means that updates are not installed automatically

To not miss out on GuideConnect releases you need to be using the new, improved updater.  Changing to the new updater is simple to do, please follow these instructions, you only need to do this once:

1. On the GuideConnect main menu choose 'Settings'.

2. On the Settings menu choose 'Advanced'.

3. On the Advanced settings choose 'Auto Start'.

4. Choose 'Off'.

3. Again on the Advanced settings choose 'Auto Start'.

5. Choose 'On'.

6. Now return to the main menu and continue to use GuideConnect.

7. When you want to install the new update just restart the device.