I am unable to access my iCloud account in GuideConnect

Apple require that you generate an app-specific password for use with applications such as GuideConnect

To begin adding an iCloud email account, you will need to generate an app-specific password. This password is necessary for the setup process.

  1. From the GuideConnect main menu choose Web.
  2. Navigate to https://appleid.apple.com/account/home
  3. Sign in and navigate to the "Sign-In and Security" section.
  4. Select "App-specific Passwords" from the Security section.
  5. Choose the "+" button to generate an apps-specific password.
  6. Give the password a relevant name such as "GuideConnect", then choose "Create".
  7. Take note of the password displayed, you will need to use this password when adding your email account to GuideConnect.
  8. Now add your iCloud Email account to GuideConnect using the newly generate app-specific password.