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Improving the performance of magnification when using graphics editing software

Some users may find that system performance is reduced when using Supernova magnification alongside graphics editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

Performance can be improved by turning off some of the background scanning that Supernova is performing on that application.

To do this:

1. With the graphics editing software running as the application that contains the Windows focus (i.e. it is the foreground application) press LEFT CONTROL + SPACEBAR. The Supernova Control Panel opens.

TIP: The status bar of the Supernova Control Panel should state the name of the currently running executable, for example gimp.exe; if the wrong executable is displayed, repeat step 1.

2. Press ALT + F. The "File" menu opens.
3. DOWN ARROW to "New" and press ENTER. A sub menu opens.
4. DOWN ARROW to "Map" and press ENTER. 
5. The "Use an existing map file" radio is selected. TAB once. The focus is in the alphabetical list of available map files.
6. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to select the map called "No MSAA v1.01".
7. TAB to the "OK" button and press ENTER. This will confirm the changes and return you to the Supernova Control Panel.

You should now find the responsiveness of the graphics editing program has increased.