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Not possible to type text into edit fields on web browsers or some other applications

When you try to type text into an edit box on a website, for example a search field or other form field, the text does not appear.

The reason this may occasionally happen, is because in certain areas of some applications, for example web pages within web browsers, a SuperNova feature called the “Dolphin Cursor” turns on automatically.


SuperNova intelligently and automatically tracks an application's focus, such as a flashing beam cursor in an edit area, a highlight in a menu or a dotted box in a dialog box.

The Dolphin Cursor lets you navigate windows or parts of the screen where an application's focus cannot go. This is a special sort of focus created and controlled by SuperNova.

The Dolphin Cursor allows you to read the contents of the screen line by line, or word by word, or letter by letter using your keyboard. You can use the Dolphin cursor to review any part of your computer's screen.

When the Dolphin Cursor is turned on, if you are using the mouse, rather than the keyboard, to navigate the screen, the focus may not be where you think it is as it could be at the Dolphin Cursor’s position, and not where the text cursor in a search field is, for example.

Keyboard Navigation

If you use the keyboard to navigate, and not the mouse, when you have used the TAB or ARROW KEYS to move to an edit field, you need to enter Forms Mode in order to be able to type. To do this, press ENTER. You can then type your text before pressing TAB to move out of the edit field. When you do this, the Dolphin Cursor will turn back on automatically so that you can continue to navigate.

Mouse Navigation

If you use the mouse to navigate the screen and “click” into edit boxes, it is advisable to turn off the Automatic Dolphin Cursor. To do this:

  1. Open the SuperNova Control Panel.
  2. Open the “Speech” menu.
  3. Choose “Advanced Options”.
  4. Uncheck the “Use Dolphin Cursor Automatically” checkbox.
  5. Choose “OK”.


For an overview of the Dolphin cursor and how it works, we recommend the following video.

Learn SuperNova Explore with the Dolphin Cursor