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I am unable to read PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Reader with SuperNova/Dolphin ScreenReader

There are sandbox settings in Adobe Acrobat Reader that can prevent access to the content with SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader.

If you find that you are unable to read the content of PDF files then please carry out the following steps:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Press CONTROL + K to open the Preferences.
  3. Select the "Security (Enhanced)" option.
  4. Now unselect the "Enable Protected Mode at startup" and set "Protected View" to "Off".
  5. Click on OK to apply the changes, now restart Adobe Acrobat Reader before testing.

If you find that the PDF file you are trying to access still does not speak we recommend trying to read a PDF file that is known to be accessible in case the fault is with the file.

Example of an Accessible PDF: