Problems associated with setting-up American Thermoform Embosser with EasyConverter

This article describes issues encountered setting-up EasyConverter with the American Thermoform Embosser and printer

It is important to note that the embosser receives then embosses and prints the Braille code and not the original text itself; for example in Grade 2 Unified English Braille it will produce visually: "?ANK+ Y4" instead of "THANKING YOU." This does not affect the quality of embossed Braille text. For improved legibility in the printed text, you may wish to select Grade 1 Braille in EasyConverter before converting, although some parts of text, particularly punctuation, will still display incorrectly, such as "4" instead of a full stop (period). This is a problem we hope to investigate in a future release of EasyConverter.

In order that EasyConverter version 6.0.1 and later works with the American Thermoform Embosser and printer, a number of settings have to be amended accordingly to ensure optimum output.

  1. In EasyConverter, select "Settings".
  2. Go to "Output", then select "Braille Paper". Ensure the correct paper size is selected, for example A4.
  3. Go to "Braille General", then select which grade of Braille you require, for example "UK English contracted (Grade 2) multilingual". Then "Single" in line spacing, then select "OK".
  4. On the embosser, select "Menu" and navigate using the arrow keys and "OK" button through the menu to "Braille Settings", the "Select paper size". Ensure that the paper size matches what has been selected in EasyConverter.
  5. Navigate through the menu to "Braille options" and select "Distance between Braille lines". Select single line spacing. This will ensure that the text will remain on the one page and will not run onto the second page.
  6. You are now ready to convert. When going through the conversion process using EasyConverter, select output to Embosser.
  7. EasyConverter will then send the document to the embosser for embossing and printing.