Problems associated with setting-up Index Embosser with EasyConverter

This article describes issues encountered setting-up EasyConverter with the Index Embosser.

In order that EasyConverter version 6.0.2 and later works with the Index Embosser, a number of settings have to be amended accordingly to ensure optimum output.

1. Go to "Output", then select "Braille Paper". Ensure the correct paper size is selected, for example A4.
2. Go to "Braille General", then select which language profile and grade (if necessary) of Braille you require, for example "UK English contracted (Grade 2) multilingual".
3. Go to "Braille Embosser", then select "Embosser Character Set", and ensure that this is set to "North American computer code." This must be done regardless of whichever language may be inputted for embossing, for example selecting Russian Braille in language profile will still require "North American computer code".
4. Ensure the computer code within the Embosser options is also set to "North American computer code".
5. You are now ready to convert. When going through the conversion process using EasyConverter, select output to Embosser.
6. EasyConverter will then send the document to the embosser for embossing.