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The magnification moves or jumps to unexpected areas of the screen

When the mouse is being moved, or when typing, sometimes the magnification moves to a different area of the screen, for example the top left hand corner. This can appear to cause a "jumping" effect.

If you use the mouse to navigate around the screen, some of the magnification tracking options may not be required and can be turned off. To do this:

1. Press LEFT CONTROL + SPACEBAR. The Supernova Control Panel will open.
2. Press ALT + V. The "Visual" menu opens.
3. DOWN ARROW to "Advanced Options" and press ENTER. The "Advanced Options" dialog box opens.
4. LEFT CONTROL + TAB to the "Tracking" property sheet.
5. TAB to the following items and press SPACEBAR to deselect each one in turn:

Move Mouse Pointer into View
Mouse Frame
Track Menus
Track Controls
Track Windows

6. TAB to the "OK" button and press ENTER. This will confirm your changes.