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There is a problem with the product authorisation system. Please check that the time and date on your PC are set correctly. Error Code 40

The above error message is displayed when you attempt to launch a Dolphin product. The time and date on the PC are set correctly.

To resolve this issue you need to reinstall a Dolphin service.

To do this:

1. Download the latest Dolphin Interceptor package from:


2. Follow the onscreen prompts to extract the Interceptor files into a folder on your computer. The files will be extracted to:


...where 1234 is the version of the Dolphin Interceptor you downloaded.

3. In the above location locate the folder called "Interceptor" and within here run the file called "installinterceptor".

4. Reboot the computer when prompted.

If you continue to experience any problems please contact Dolphin Product Support or your local Dolphin dealer.