This app or browser may not be secure" message when attempting to set up a Gmail email account.

When attempting to set up a Gmail or Googlemail account in GuideConnect, the above message is displayed and it is not possible to complete the account setup process.

This issue has been fixed as of February 2021. Should you continue to experience the issue, please review the steps below or contact :


Dolphin is currently investigating this issue. To work around the issue, the following steps may help:

1. Log into your Gmail account in a web browser.

2. Choose "Settings" (cog icon)

3. Choose "Security"

4. Next to "2 Step Verification - OFF" - turn this on.

Note: you will need to have access to the phone which you used to create your account in order to receive a security code.

You should now have an option available called "App Passwords".  Choose "Create New" - give the app a descriptive name, for example GuideConnect, then enter a password that meets the criteria specified.

Once done, restart GuideConnect if already running and attempt to set up your Gmail account once more, entering the newly created password when prompted.