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Video Card Requirements for running SuperNova on Windows 8.

This article describes the requirements for video card capability to successfully run SuperNova 13.5x and higher on a Windows 8 PC

There are several requirements for video cards / chipset and video card drivers:

The device must not be using the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" driver. This can be checked by opening the Windows Device Manager and expanding the "Display Adapters" branch. If this is present, the video card may not be Windows 8 compliant and the PC may operate with poor performance. SuperNova may start successfully in this mode, but magnification will be very slow. For general Windows 8 compatibility information, you can check with the Windows 8 Compatibility Center.

Additional points:

  • The Driver Model needs to be WDDM 1.1 or higher. To check, press WINDOWS KEY+R to open the "Run..." dialog box and type dxdiag, then choose OK. A message box will appear asking if you want to check whether or not your drivers are digitally signed - choose "No" to this message. Within the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" dialog box that opens, on the "Display" property sheet you will find this information relating to the Driver Model.
  • Direct3D Acceleration must be enabled. This can also be done through the DirectX Diagnostics Tool and will already be enabled for the vast majority of video card drivers.
  • If multiple monitors are attached to the computer, there will be two or more "Display" tabs in the DirectX Diagnostics Tool, and the above settings must be true for all of them.

Please note: If you are currently running Windows 7 and want to test video card compatibility prior to upgrading to Windows 8, the above steps will not apply, as they must be carried out under Windows 8.