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Working from home unexpectedly with SuperNova

This article describes how IT Administrators can set up SuperNova so that users working from home unexpectedly can use the SuperNova installed on their office PC remotely.

The steps to take will differ depending on how the user will be working:


  • If the user is simply taking their existing laptop home and connecting to the company network via use of a VPN, then no additional configuration is required and the user can continue to use SuperNova as normal.


  • If the user is being given a new laptop to take home, SuperNova will just need installing on this which can be done using your existing SuperNova license and installation media.


  • If a user working from home attempts to connect remotely to their office PC, for example using a Remote Desktop Connection, they will only get magnification if they have a SuperNova Enterprise license. For organisations that don’t already have an Enterprise license, theycan get users up and running quickly with the standard version of SuperNova so they have something to work with for 30 days or until such time that an Enterprise license is obtained. To do this:


  1. Log onto the user’s office workstation with local Administration privileges.
  2. Ensuring Hidden Files are turned on in windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Data\Dolphin
  3. Locate the file named “authorise.ini” and rename the file, for example to “authorise_old”
  4. Start SuperNova – it will most likely inform you that the 30 day demonstration period has expired. Please contact your local dolphin dealer, or Dolphin directly, to obtain a code that will allow the user to access their SuperNova remotely for 30 days.


For more information about SuperNova Enterprise visit this page.