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The text is not announced when editing cells in an Excel spreadsheet

An update to Microsoft Excel broke the speech when editing cells of a spreadsheet with older versions of SuperNova and Dolphin Screen Reader

This issue has been resolved in the latest SuperNova and Dolphin Screen Reader v22.01 release, please update your Dolphin software to obtain the fix.  For help with license issues please contact Dolphin's sales team or your local Dolphin dealer.

If you are not able to update your SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader software there are two potential workarounds:

  1. Download and then import the updated Microsoft Excel map file.  The map file is available from: https://downloads.yourdolphin.com/downloads/utils/Microsoft%20Excel%202016.dtl
    Once the file is downloaded it can be imported into SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader by:
    - Opening the Dolphin product control panel (LEFT CONTROL + SPACE BAR)
    - Open the File Menu (ALT + F).
    - Open Import > Map...
    - Locate the downloaded map file and open in the Import window.
    - Overwrite the existing map file if prompted to do so and then restart your Dolphin Software before testing.
  2. Downgrade Microsoft Office to an older version prior to the issue being introduced (more information on this here: https://kb.yourdolphin.com/knowledge/office-updates-have-caused-supernova-to-behave-differently).